Are you Beautiful?

Imagine a World where Beauty is a source of Confidence, not Anxiety.
Women are their own worst beauty critic. In fact, only 4% of Women around the World consider themselves Beautiful. ~Dove

When I watched this Dove video, I couldn't stop thinking about it.
I actually tear up each time I watch it. I have two daughters of my own, one nine almost ten & one sixteen.
It was even featured on Good Morning America. The video already has over 7 million views... Wow. It should.
The message is very clear, cut & dry. True. That is the disturbing part.

Only 4% of Women consider themeselves Beautiful around the World?
Say what?? Why? Define Beautiful. Who gets to decide what is Beautiful?
I know, a lot of questions... I question everything; I have since childhood. I'm teaching my daughters that beauty comes from within, period. No one gets to decide what they look like, God does. True, one can "enhance" their features and take care of their body, but we all know Beauty fads & can be taken in an instant.
Focus on the good, positive; no one is perfect. A Beautiful Soul and Spirit lasts a life time. My number one goal as a Mother is to teach Self-love, Self-acceptance, and Self-Confidence. Without loving yourself, it's impossible to love others.

Do you think of yourself as Beautiful? I wonder if they used the word, pretty?
Would the percent go up? I know personally, I would respond quickly to pretty, but beautiful? Makes one stop and think.

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