"Welcome to your Amazing Life"

“Welcome to your Amazing Life”

About Me

hi there! my name is jen or jennifer; i’m not a jenny, people ask. i have a childlike, kindred spirt. i’m attracted to old souls with a story. Ones who have weathered the storms & have battle wounds and scars to prove it. we all have a story…

i am a Mischief Maker, PaSsiOn Pusher, Life Lover…
i am transparent, and sometimes loud. i don’t believe in beating around the bush, so i guess you can say i’m pretty direct and i like pretty things.

i love antiques…and the history behind them. it’s therapeutic owning a piece of history. i like telling stories, but not actually reading them. i wear 4″ heels so i don’t have to hem my jeans. i’m not really 5’8”. i believe how you do anything is how you do everything.

Some people think i’m CrAzy… i say i’m just Happy. There is a difference. Speaking of differences, i embrace them. Did i mention, i am random?  i love children and being around them; they embrace the present moment, which just happens to be where i like to live. You should try it; it is fun. Time continues to get away from me; i haven’t figured out how to “catch it” therefore i’m always late.

i have a great desire to help people & make a difference – for people to wake up and realize they can manifest the life they want and dream about. Not to pine for approval or validation from others. To be BOLD, not a victim. To leave the World a better place than they found it. To inspire others and make them smile. i’ve seen 11:11 since childhood. This does not mean that i’m a witch. (Although sometimes i can act like one) i have a tattoo and i like the taste of beer.
i consider myself a Warrior aka dragon slayer. i am very creative & a visionary. People come to me for permission, although they already have the answers inside of them. They just need someone to tell them Yes, Go for it! You can do it! i would be that person, that friend.

i have “ADH” no “D”… i don’t consider it a disorder, neither should you. i know that certainty sells, yet most people aren’t certain. This makes me sad. Love is the Universal language. Obviously,
i love coffee…the smell, the taste, the sound it makes when it percolates. i like to make rhymes.
i am extremely loyal. i married my best friend & H.S. sweetheart. We are blessed with three powerful, beautiful children.

i wish people would realize that we are all flawed and loved by God. No one knows what someone is truly going through, so be kind to all.

“Be a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.”