“WaCkY Wednesday” ~Do you Hustle?

My Very First Live “Google Hangout” is a bit WaCkY & Wonderful to say the least….
Two years later, I’m starting over. An Adult-Redo. Children get redo’s all the time.
I believe adults should too.
I’ve ALWAYS said that HAPPINESS is a choice. It is. Period.
Here are Five things that I believe aid in the Happiness Card.


This morning is all about the Hustle… not necessarily “the early bird catches the worm” scenario, (although great things happen before the sun comes up) rather the actual act of “Hustling” don’t quit, try your hardest…. ect.

Click the Link Below to join LIVE at 10:00 CST Don’t forget to grab your Joe!

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Home Schooling or Public Ed??

Having ten years of teaching experience in a public school system, one year in private, I get this question a lot. (two words btw) My answer may surprise you…
The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer. Only a question. The golden question is, drumroll…. WHY?? WHY?? WHY??

Why Home School? Why choose private?? You get to Listen Below…
(My very first pod-cast. Third take. Apparently I like to say ummm ummm & you know, a lot. Bear with me. Third time is a charm.)

As always, in keeping up with teaching code——

Three Golden Nuggets to walk away with.

1. Let your children ask “why” and question things, all things. Why? (pun intended) because they will learn to think for themselves and to research. A long lost skill in my opinion. These are much needed attributes to survive in this CraZy World. Will your child think as Schindler or as Hitler’s Army? In fact, I plea with you to encourage questioning.

2. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT instill FEAR within your child because you are the one FEARFUL.
We are all scared. Period. FEAR- False Evidence Appearing Real
The Ultimate Goal? To push through the FEAR. To put your big girl panties on and deal with it.
To survive. To thrive. To never let ’em see ya sweat. My children all think I’m a bad-ass. Please don’t tell them differently; they feel safe. Fight. Don’t Flee. Be Certain. Certainty Sells. The biggest gift you can give your child is the gift of CERTAINTY. With certainty, comes self-esteem.

3. Children will ALWAYS mimic what they SEE. Not what they HEAR. I’m sorry. True Story.
Instead of talking about God. Exude Godly actions with others. etc.
Don’t get nervous when and if your child questions your religious beliefs. Trust me, they will.
Let them search for the truth. The truth will set you free.
Don’t believe me? Google CS Lewis. His story is amazing. He was an atheist. Notice I said was.

Now you get to listen… giggle. and of course,
Live w/ PaSsiOn… jeN


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“Play is the highest form of research” Albert Einstein

Do you have a secret hand shake? If not, create one. You’ll have fun in the process.

Elf on the Shelf is NOT Dead. Or is he? I can't believe it's already April. Christmas a long fleeting thought...
I've been too busy with Motherhood, working, and playing. Yes, playing.
My anxiety begins each year right after Thanksgiving. This is a rather unusual phenomenon, considering I don't normally get anxious. This is when "Snowball", the Elf, mysteriously appears somewhere in our house. He lives with us for over a month. That would be 27 days of stress, anxiety, & pressure. Elves are silly little varmints and a tattle tales. They are supposed to be playful and mischievous; reeking havoc in our homes. Getting into cereal, candy, hanging from chandeliers etc. Even playing Monopoly. Not ours. Not at all. My nine year old, who just turned 10, cares. She cares a lot. She has an instagram page; she sees all the pics, you talented, creative Mamas are posting. She excitedly goes to bed and abounds the next morning giggling, searching for "Snowball" only to find him in the same place as the day before. Staring at her. No movement, no mischievousness, no candy, no boardgames, & certainly no chandeliers.
Tears. Confusement. My stress off the chart. How can a creative, elementary school teacher, like myself, drop this ball time and time again?
My aha moment... "Amelia, Snowball has special needs"
Let's just turn this situation into real life experiences, shall we? She was quite understanding, rather sympathetic. No longer were tears shed over Snowball. She got it. She Understood. Showed compassion. It was great. Problem solved.
Or is it?

The plot thickens....
I truly love watching this Elf on the Shelf phenomenon unfold. I have friends going ALL out, CreAtiVitY galore,
one-upping the neighbors, proudly posting their feats & bragging. Smiling. Laughing. Creating Memories. Stories their children will remember. Passing on family traditions. Living in the moment, in the present, with their joyous, happy children. Makes me Smile. Why this phenomenon is only limited to one month a year is heart-breaking. Here it is already April, almost Easter. Maybe we should have a mysterious "bunny" magically appear to keep the magical spirit alive...
The truth of the matter is, Elf on the Shelf shouldn't die.
In fact, he isn't dead. He is on vacation. What's dead is the creativity & playing amongst families.
The board games, family dinners, laughter, now replaced with social media, i-phones, and tablets.

I like watching grown-ups relax, let loose, & pretend. I like CreAtiVitY. I like fun & games. We need more of this.
In fact, we need a little dose every day.
A Soul-Recess. A Connection. A Break.

"Play is the highest form of Research" Albert Einstein

Our children need to see us play & laugh. Otherwise, they become conditioned like the rest of the World.
They will believe "adulthood" is daunting, not fun, and quite scary." Some of you are probably chuckling right now thinking it is. ;)

We recently went to Park City for Spring Break and had a layover at the airport...
What to do to pass the time? We played a little chiease jump rope. I guarantee my children wouldn't remember the layover. Maybe, just maybe they will remember playing...

I obviously need a bit of practice... (I have a couple "things" getting in my way of jumping lol)

After "the Lesson" (don't think older kids won't play too :))

Solution? Make everyday "Elf on the Shelf" Day... and PLAY.
Breathe... live in the present....connect daily with your kiddos. and of course...

Live w/ PaSsiOn...

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“Welcome to this Magical World”

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.
Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.
― Mother Teresa

The World is waiting to play with you…are you ready?
Time to take a Soul Recess to reset & refill your pitcher. Life is CrAzY enough not to take the time to breathe, smell the roses, and observe.
take it all in…

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…
It’s about learning to Dance in the Rain

It’s about finding your Soul Purpose. For once you do, you’ll find your PaSsiOn…
& we all know that is what’s in Fashion. jeN

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Suck it up… Sista or Mista!!!

Ok my friends, or complete strangers…
time to get over feeling sorry for yourself; it’s rather pathetic.
Seriously. You control your life & destiny, no one else.
May I suggest watching this video each morning while partaking in your cupofjoe from your favorite mug? Maybe, just maybe, you won’t be so smug.

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Are you Beautiful?

Imagine a World where Beauty is a source of Confidence, not Anxiety.
Women are their own worst beauty critic. In fact, only 4% of Women around the World consider themselves Beautiful. ~Dove

When I watched this Dove video, I couldn't stop thinking about it.
I actually tear up each time I watch it. I have two daughters of my own, one nine almost ten & one sixteen.
It was even featured on Good Morning America. The video already has over 7 million views... Wow. It should.
The message is very clear, cut & dry. True. That is the disturbing part.

Only 4% of Women consider themeselves Beautiful around the World?
Say what?? Why? Define Beautiful. Who gets to decide what is Beautiful?
I know, a lot of questions... I question everything; I have since childhood. I'm teaching my daughters that beauty comes from within, period. No one gets to decide what they look like, God does. True, one can "enhance" their features and take care of their body, but we all know Beauty fads & can be taken in an instant.
Focus on the good, positive; no one is perfect. A Beautiful Soul and Spirit lasts a life time. My number one goal as a Mother is to teach Self-love, Self-acceptance, and Self-Confidence. Without loving yourself, it's impossible to love others.

Do you think of yourself as Beautiful? I wonder if they used the word, pretty?
Would the percent go up? I know personally, I would respond quickly to pretty, but beautiful? Makes one stop and think.

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Are you lukewarm?

Have you become complacent in your life, lukewarm? Maybe we were born to be different, radical; I know I was. and I happen to like to “run”, lol

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Do the CrAzY thing…

Do the CrAzy Thing… The Hard-to-Imagine, But Somehow YOU Did it Thing!…
The Bring You to Your Knees Thing… The Safety-Net would not even matter Thing…
The No-One would ever Do it That Way Thing… Be Brave… Be Bold…
& By all Means… Live w/ PaSsiOn!

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